Breach of code of conduct during League of Legends National Tryouts

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During our finals for The Bahamas’ National Tryouts for League of Legends, our two finalist teams came from one club, The Pride/Savage/SVG. We had intended for the final match to be a best of 5 match; however, due to actions performed by both teams, we were forced to end the match after the first round.

These involved different actions of unsportsmanlike conduct, and overt racism in the game’s all chat. The multiple incidences that took place undermined the competitive integrity of the event and were not appropriate for a stage such as the national tryouts where the Federation is seeking members of the community who are dedicated to pushing themselves to be the best player possible to represent the country on an international stage. These incidences include collaborating across teams during the drafting phase, frivolously using summoners skills within the first few minutes of the game, and being culturally insensitive, among other things.

Per the code of conduct, as members of the Esports Integrity Commission, section 2.3.4, which is a level 3 offence, the team members who agreed to act in this manner, will be suspended from the next two rounds of events held by The Bahamas Esports Federation or affiliated bodies. These include:

  • Kiyomahri
  • Me Hoy Minoy
  • Minchew
  • Oh/Trebbae
  • Tr0llH0use
  • Zika Baby
  • Neely
  • JerryDaCarry
  • Lincz
  • Pxaul

As the BESF makes strides in esports both here at home and internationally, we seek to foster all aspects of competition and emulate the highest levels of gameplay. While we provide community nights for various games, it’s important to differentiate between casual and competitive events. This type of behaviour would not be allowed on an international stage or in an organized league, and as such will not be allowed at tryouts. Because this event did not involve prizes or compensation, the punishment is not as severe as it could be.