Esports Calendars, and The Bahamas’ National Esports Rankings

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

New Events Calendars you can add to Google Calendar

We have a new page on our site,, that will showcase esports events that are happening across The Bahamas. These are events that are being held by the BESF member groups, and Community Managers typically, though we might expand this. Head to #calendar-links in our discord ( for more details.

Introducing The Bahamas’ National Esports Rankings

As we continue to move forward, we need to know who’s the best. For that, we’ve poured over past events from 2020 that were held by our member clubs and community managers to compile our ranking system. You can find it over at

A few things:

  1. It does not have all games at this time. Games like CoD and LoL which are team-based require more structure and less swapping of teammates first, but we see this happening over time. Fortnite is one we’re working on, and part of that is below though we’re keeping track of scores from the past and the upcoming weeklies and tournaments.
  2. If you know of an event that likely didn’t get counted, talk to the TO to make sure they sign up as a club member with the BESF.
  3. To keep on the rankings, you need to sign up too though! Do that over at (it’s free), and we’re working on benefits for you guys as well so keep an eye out.
  4. The list isn’t final, and will need to be continuously updated. If we find any kinks in it, we’ll address those too.
    i. Online tournaments do count in this.
    ii. DQ’s, losses, rank differences, wins, and attendance all count as well.

If you’re into Fortnite, please sign up on our partner site

We’re working with a site,, to help rank and improve Bahamian Fortnite players. Right now they’re still adding more features to their site, but their stat tracking works like a charm, and we already have one Bahamian who has broken into the top 100 players out of 588 (at this time of writing) on their site. The idea is that we’ll also use them to help with tracking matches, and keeping an eye on players to invite onto the national Fortnite team (along with how they do during qualifiers).