Most frequent questions and answers

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The BESF is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, religiously neutral, non-discriminatory Federation dedicated to the growth and development of the esports/video gaming culture and community in The Bahamas.

1. To advance and regulate esports, enhance its culture and develop the esports community throughout The Bahamas and the region.

2. To establish and maintain a professional federation through which its members may be unified, supported, educated, represented, regulated, promoted and entertained.

1. The Bahamas becomes a major player in World-Wide Esports.

2. Esports becomes a new avenue for entrepreneurship, job creation, tourism, youth empowerment and development in The Bahamas

3. The time, energy, commitment and passion invested in the Federation is derived from our collective vision of what Esports in The Bahamas will become. The results fostered through esports in The Bahamas that the BESF aims to achieve and expects include but not limited to – improved economy in The Bahamas, happier youth, improved academic education and a reduction of crime and undesirable behaviour

Getting everyone into a common place or “hub” as some call it is the important step right now. This allows us to do the following: See who is interested in X, Y, Z > Keep growing the community for bigger and better stuff and a stronger community on a whole > Let those persons find out when events around X, Y, Z are happening.

We’re working on this but if you want to take the initiative, let us know! We’re willing to help with a constitution for your school, along with talking to the persons responsible for your school to help them understand the benefits, what’s required, etc. Once your club is established, it can become a member club and be eligible for benefits and for our events/tournaments.

No. This has been a scapegoat excuse for a long time now, and a lot of research has come out to disprove this. Even the US Supreme Court ruled on this saying that there was not a link to it. More details on this will be made into a post on our website.

The easiest answer is the level of how physical it is. Esports still requires a lot of the same things traditional sports do:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Analysis of self
  • Analysis of the opposing team/individual
  • Knowledge of the discipline (game)
  • Passion to succeed
  • Teamwork (for team based games)
  • Communication (for team based games)
  • Discipline on a whole


Esports have also shown to enhance hand and eye co-ordination, assist with mental issues, assist with rehabilitation, give a form of visual gameplay training for traditional sports that typically only coaches get to have, and more.

Unfortunately, there are also injuries that can happen just as they can in sports. These are typically eye and wrist injuries, though as technology evolves this may change.

Just like with sports though, to ensure you are in top form, it’s highly suggested that persons exercise and eat right to ensure they are both in physical and mental peak performance.

Of course! It starts with the community first though, and the community helping each other out especially those we deem our representatives of the country. More on this in a future post on the website though.

Yes! There are already scholarships at schools in the US and a few other countries for esports. We will be looking to create a connection with these schools to help facilitate getting qualified players into these scholarships.

Great question! We’re looking to have events for family islands as well, along with doing our best to help grow the communities there. We’re not going to be focused just on New Providence, so if you or someone you know is doing stuff, let us know!

We are members of, and thus seen as the governing body for esports by:

  • The World Esports Consortium
  • The Pan-American Esports Confederation
  • The Central American & Caribbean Esports Confederation
  • We are associate members of the Bahamas Olympic Committee and are in good standing with the Ministry of Sports.
  • We are also an esports federation, and actually the first, that’s a member of the Esports Integrity Commission at this time.

No, we focus on the community of gamers and bringing everyone together for this common goal. We also celebrate otakuism, which in short is the love of a particular hobby. This could range from anime and manga lovers to reading books to movie fanatics to cosplayers to computer geeks and much more.

This is something we’re looking into for locals, nationals and internationals. We may partner up with other esports federations, bodies or third party companies to promote or be a part of a larger league for this to happen. At this time, BESF Leagues is still a work in progress as we build up the required infrastructure.

This is not to be confused with other local groups/entities like BESL or BNEL.