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Are you interested in esports?

While many consider it just playing video games, there are actually different things you can do in esports.

The BESF has two main focuses for members:

  • Individual members
  • Club members

An individual member is one that is not part of a club. These can be players, referees, coaches or even parents of players who want more information or to be more involved.

Club members are entities such as school esports clubs, esports organization teams, non-official teams, etc.

Individual Members


  • Are you interested in developing a career in esports?
  • Aiming to prove your abilities to not only others but also yourself?
  • Want to build up your skills and see how you rank not only here in The Bahamas but also against other countries and in the world?


This is where you want to be if you want to take on competitive video gaming, aka esports. We will have training sessions, clinics, scrimmages against other locals and countries, and other benefits as we grow.


  • Do you have a passion to make sure things are fair?
  • Do you have a sharp eye and are quick on the take of things others might miss?


Being a referee helps to ensure players are treated fairly in matches, and stay on equal footing.


  • Are you good with helping other people develop their skills?
  • Can you pick up a new experience and teach it to someone else, who might have a different learning style than yours?
  • Does research excite you?


Being a coach is a great and rewarding experience, and one of the most demanding choices to take as you need to stay up to date on changes in the games you coach. Being able to then take that information and use it for your team’s benefit is the true hallmark of a good coach.


Are you a parent or guardian or even have someone you love in esports?

Having support in what you take on gives a great mental relief to that person, and also allows you to grow and learn more about what they are interested in.  Simply put, supporting them is a win-win.

Club Members

School Clubs

Are you a student at school and either want to have an esports club or already have one?

Reach out to us and we can help you! We can assist with things from talking to your school and helping them understand the benefits to esports, along with structure and a constitution you can use.

We will also be hosting leagues and other events for schools, so make sure you’re on board.

Esports Organization

Are you an esports team or organization?

Make sure you’re included in what all we have planned for the games you all are focused on or help shape the community as it develops.

Tournament Organizer

Do you run esports tournaments?

Make sure yours are officially sanctioned by us and get counted towards the national rankings.  We have a growing list of T.O.’s who are working together to make events bigger and better. 


Are you a venue that’s looking to host esports events?

Reach out to us and we can make sure that you are an officially sanctioned venue for esports.

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