Membership Benefits

Please note that these are some of the benefits that come with becoming a member club of the federation.  We will be continuing to add more over time, and so this list will change as we grow and develop.

  • Voting power within the federation
  • Attend BESF meetings and help shape esports community in the Bahamas
  • Access to official marketing assets from various game companies
  • National Ranking
  • National Player Stats
  • Local Esports Networking
  • Local & International Training (for Coaches, Players, TOs, Commentating, etc)
  • International Esports Networking
  • International Invitationals (Tournaments, Scrims, Practice Matches, etc)
  • Participate in and hold your own sanctioned esports events
  • Discounted Pricing for Members to BESF Socials / Events
  • Access to BESF setups for events
  • Assistance with the following:
    • Member Acquisition
    • Promotions (including events added to our calendar)
    • Constitution Writing
  • and more to come as we continue to grow!