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The Bahamas’ League of Legends Tryouts for National Team


From April 3rd to 6th, The Bahamas Esports Federation held its tryouts for our National Team for League of Legends. With 35 persons registered, we were able to hold a best of 3 match setup for 7 teams of 5.

The games were streamed live at our Twitch page and over on Facebook, and can be found on our YouTube page. With over 3,000 views, spanning from The Bahamas to Japan, we are proud to say thank you for your support.

The tournament has a write up on it over at Tribune242, but we are also proud to showcase our first teams for the national League of Legends team. Members from Team A will go on to be placed into the LFP E-Olympics later next month.

Team A Members:

  • TOP – JEK – (Jonathan Kelly)
  • MID – Vtalis (Arthur Penn)
  • JUNGLE – RuBz (Robert Smith)
  • ADC – Focus Him Please (Tristan White)
  • Support – RawrMuffin (Chaz Swan)

Team B Members:

  • TOP – Aft3r1mage – (Seth Sweeting)
  • MID – Bahamas (Cameron Wong)
  • JUNGLE – Floyd bethel (Riga Stargazer)
  • ADC – Natty Dred(Eric Wilchcombe)
  • Support – Rewna (Anwer Curry)

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