The Bahamas’ Tekken Tryouts for National Team

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

On April 25th, The Bahamas Esports Federation held its tryouts for our National Team for Tekken.

The games were streamed live at our Twitch page and over on Facebook, and can be found on our YouTube page. With over 1,000 views, spanning from across the world, we are proud to say thank you for your support.

We are proud to showcase our players for the national Tekken team

Team Members:

  • BryanCyBroG242 (Andreco Sears)
  • Jtalon (Johnathon Lucius)
  • Dibbles (Carlton Clarke)
  • Mugen (Mark Brown)
  • LordZoe (Austin Smith)
  • Saix (Jerard Cunningham)