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The Bahamas wins 3-1 against Jamaica

BESF & JEI Flyer for CoD Scrim

Last week Thursday, we held a friendly international scrim against Jamaica’s national Call of Duty team, sanctioned by Jamaica Esports Initiative. In this best of 5 match, we came up 3-1 and were able to win after an early first round loss.

Much like the setup with Colombia, persons from console and PC were both allowed to play, some even with controllers on PC. Rule sets followed were the same, with Jamaica starting the matches in their favor by virtual coin flip.

We would like to thank our players Dr.NoL, Chronos, Tubtubfluff, TC Jynx, and OrigenZ for playing their best and representing The Bahamas well.

We have had several matches against Jamaica in the past in different games, and look forward to many more as time goes on.


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