The BESF holds second League of Legends National Tryouts

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Starting up a series of new tryouts for The Bahamas’ national team, the BESF is hosting its second League of Legends National Tryouts.

Players from across The Bahamas are welcome to enter this free tournament. If they are looking for a team, then we also have a channel in our discord,, to help them find people who can fill the roles they are missing. If they already have a full team, then they can sign up directly at

The deadline for entry is September 25th, at 12 AM. The games will be streamed over on our Twitch channel

Players will be judged based on their individual play and how they worked as a group. It is possible that some members of a group may be asked to join the national team or an entire group may be asked.

Those who are invited will go on to represent The Bahamas at future esports events, some being online and some likely leading up to being in person – should the situation permit such as a regional or world tournament.

As such, all players would need to either be from The Bahamas or living in The Bahamas. Rules can be found on the signup website.